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A.Bridgman (Wallys)50
W.Brill (R.T.)50
C.Hogg (Wallys)43
B.Amos (W.E.)37
D.Cannon (E.C.)37
L.Crampton (R.G. A)37
J.Kavanagh (Stang.)35
D. White (Clang.)33
D.Godfrey (R.G. A)33
I.Huckle (Stang.)29
S.Jeffery (Com.)29
G. Cook (Clang.)28
K.Chettleburgh (Wallys)28
S.Spelling (Stang.)28
P.Cooper (R.T.)26
K.Geraghty (Stang.)25
P. Carslake (Clang.)25
A.Parker (Stang.)24
J.Poplett (Com.)24
D.Mann (Wallys)23
B.Poplett (Com.)22
B.Thomas (R.G. A)22
R.McClellan (Allsorts)22
J.White (Com.)21
K.Cherrington (W.E.)20
C.Daniels (E.C.)19
J.Brill (R.T.)19
M. Cousins (D.Y.B.)19
W.Marsh (R.G. A)19
N.Webb-Jones (Com.)18
P.Huma (River)18
T.Beck (Stang.)18
D.Downs (W.E.)17
D.Walsh (W.E.)17
M. Harding (Clang.)17
R.Olver (R.T.)17
G. Fairclough (D.Y.B.)16
N. Manning (Clang.)15
R.Farmer (River)15
J.Aderson (River)14
A.Childs (E.C.)13
C.Chandler (R.G. A)13
A.Burrows (Wallys)12
H.McKillop (W.E.)12
M.Finn (E.C.)12
Daz. Hawken (River)11
G.Bullen (Cons)11
J.Mallins (Com.)11
S.Brill (R.T.)11
Dean Hawken (River)10
G.Dodd (Allsorts)10
G.Smith (R.T.)10
K. Hawkins (Clang.)10
K.Munro (Cons)10
K.Rochester (Wallys)10
R. Gibbons (Clang.)10
S.Brand (Allsorts)10
T.Gatford (R.G. A)10
T.Vine (Wallys)10
G.Kempson (River)9
K.Bryant (W.E.)9
P.Woods (E.C.)9
A.Barratt (W.E.)8
A.Farrington (Allsorts)8
B.Teague (R.T.)8
D.Amos (W.E.)8
M.Pounds (Cons)8
J. Cox (D.Y.B.)7
P.Munro (Cons)7
P.Warnock (Cons)7
D. Wood (D.Y.B.)6
J.Watson (Wallys)6
C.Cousins (D.Y.B.)5
G.Bostock (E.C.)5
K.Chandler (R.G. A)5
N.Owen (Allsorts)5
P.Finch (Wallys)5
A.Pipbeam (Com.)4
B.Dodson (E.C.)4
C.Snook (R.G. A)4
R.toy (R.T.)4
C. Little (D.Y.B.)3
G.Dallen (Cons)3
H.Ball (River)3
J. Whithread (Clang.)3
M. Byford (D.Y.B.)3
P.Killick (Stang.)3
R.Munro (Cons)3
D.Brill (R.T.)2
D.Egan (E.C.)2
D.Smith (Stang.)2
J.Arnold (River)2
R.Ingram (E.C.)2
A.Whitehead (Allsorts)1
D.Wood (Allsorts)1
D.Wright (R.G. A)1
J.Freeze (E.C.)1
J.Nolan (River)1
P.Foxcroft (Stang.)1
R.Forward (Com.)1
S.Lester (Cons)1
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