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08 October 2018 - Week 1
Blenheim HopefulsVWESC
WallysVRailway Guard A
River ClubVEpsom Club
Leg of MuttonVHigh Flyers
Dia Y Noche LoungeVClangers
StranglersVEpsom Cons

15 October 2018 - Week 2
Epsom ConsVBlenheim Hopefuls
High FlyersVDia Y Noche Lounge
Epsom ClubVLeg of Mutton
Railway Guard AVRiver Club

22 October 2018 - Week 3
Blenheim HopefulsVWallys
River ClubVWESC
Leg of MuttonVRailway Guard A
Dia Y Noche LoungeVEpsom Club
StranglersVHigh Flyers
Epsom ConsVClangers

29 October 2018 - Week 4
ClangersVBlenheim Hopefuls
WallysVRiver Club
High FlyersVEpsom Cons
Epsom ClubVStranglers
Railway Guard AVDia Y Noche Lounge
WESCVLeg of Mutton

05 November 2018 - Week 5
Blenheim HopefulsVRiver Club
Leg of MuttonVWallys
Dia Y Noche LoungeVWESC
StranglersVRailway Guard A
Epsom ConsVEpsom Club
ClangersVHigh Flyers

12 November 2018 - Week 6
High FlyersVBlenheim Hopefuls
WallysVDia Y Noche Lounge
River ClubVLeg of Mutton
Epsom ClubVClangers
Railway Guard AVEpsom Cons

19 November 2018 - Week 7
Blenheim HopefulsVLeg of Mutton
Dia Y Noche LoungeVRiver Club
Epsom ConsVWESC
ClangersVRailway Guard A
High FlyersVEpsom Club

26 November 2018 - Week 8
Epsom ClubVBlenheim Hopefuls
WallysVEpsom Cons
River ClubVStranglers
Leg of MuttonVDia Y Noche Lounge
Railway Guard AVHigh Flyers

03 December 2018 - Week 9
Blenheim HopefulsVDia Y Noche Lounge
StranglersVLeg of Mutton
Epsom ConsVRiver Club
High FlyersVWESC
Epsom ClubVRailway Guard A

10 December 2018 - Week 10
Railway Guard AVBlenheim Hopefuls
WallysVHigh Flyers
River ClubVClangers
Leg of MuttonVEpsom Cons
Dia Y Noche LoungeVStranglers
WESCVEpsom Club

17 December 2018
No Game

24 December 2018

No Game

31 December 2018

No Game

07 January 2019 - Week 11

Blenheim HopefulsVStranglers
Dia Y Noche LoungeVEpsom Cons
ClangersVLeg of Mutton
High FlyersVRiver Club
WallysVEpsom Club
Railway Guard AVWESC

14 January 2019 - Week 12
WESCVBlenheim Hopefuls
Railway Guard AVWallys
Epsom ClubVRiver Club
High FlyersVLeg of Mutton
ClangersVDia Y Noche Lounge
Epsom ConsVStranglers

21 January 2019 - Week 13
Blenheim HopefulsVEpsom Cons
Dia Y Noche LoungeVHigh Flyers
Leg of MuttonVEpsom Club
River ClubVRailway Guard A

28 January 2019 - Week 14
WallysVBlenheim Hopefuls
WESCVRiver Club
Railway Guard AVLeg of Mutton
Epsom ClubVDia Y Noche Lounge
High FlyersVStranglers
ClangersVEpsom Cons

04 February 2019 - Week 15
Blenheim HopefulsVClangers
River ClubVWallys
Epsom ConsVHigh Flyers
StranglersVEpsom Club
Dia Y Noche LoungeVRailway Guard A
Leg of MuttonVWESC

11 February 2019 - Week 16
River ClubVBlenheim Hopefuls
WallysVLeg of Mutton
WESCVDia Y Noche Lounge
Railway Guard AVStranglers
Epsom ClubVEpsom Cons
High FlyersVClangers

18 February 2019 - Week 17
Blenheim HopefulsVHigh Flyers
Dia Y Noche LoungeVWallys
Leg of MuttonVRiver Club
ClangersVEpsom Club
Epsom ConsVRailway Guard A

25 February 2019 - Week 18
Leg of MuttonVBlenheim Hopefuls
River ClubVDia Y Noche Lounge
WESCVEpsom Cons
Railway Guard AVClangers
Epsom ClubVHigh Flyers

04 March 2019 - Week 19
Blenheim HopefulsVEpsom Club
Epsom ConsVWallys
StranglersVRiver Club
Dia Y Noche LoungeVLeg of Mutton
High FlyersVRailway Guard A

11 March 2019 - Week 20
Dia Y Noche LoungeVBlenheim Hopefuls
Leg of MuttonVStranglers
River ClubVEpsom Cons
WESCVHigh Flyers
Railway Guard AVEpsom Club

18 March 2019 - Week 21
Blenheim HopefulsVRailway Guard A
High FlyersVWallys
ClangersVRiver Club
Epsom ConsVLeg of Mutton
StranglersVDia Y Noche Lounge
Epsom ClubVWESC

25 March 2019 - Week 22
StranglersVBlenheim Hopefuls
Epsom ConsVDia Y Noche Lounge
Leg of MuttonVClangers
River ClubVHigh Flyers
Epsom ClubVWallys
WESCVRailway Guard A

01 April 2019
No Game

08 April 2019

Singles Competition

15 April 2019

Chairmans & Ladies Competitions

22 April 2019

Easter Break

29 April 2019

Pairs Competition

06 May 2019

Bank Holiday

13 May 2019

Fours Competition

20 May 2019

Drawn Pairs Competition

27 May 2019

Bank Holiday

* - The venue for this fixture was swapped to the opposition's home venue.

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