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Week 1
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
StranglersEpsom Cons86View
Leg of MuttonHigh Flyers113View
River ClubEpsom Club77View
Blenheim HopefulsWESC59View

Week 2
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
Epsom ClubLeg of Mutton311View
High FlyersDia Y Noche Lounge77View
Railway Guard ARiver Club131View

Week 3
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
StranglersHigh Flyers131View
Epsom ConsClangers410View
Blenheim HopefulsWallys113View
Dia Y Noche LoungeEpsom Club86View
River ClubWESC311View

Week 4
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
High FlyersEpsom Cons95View
Epsom ClubStranglers410View
Railway Guard ADia Y Noche Lounge77View
WallysRiver Club122View
ClangersBlenheim Hopefuls104View
WESCLeg of Mutton113View

Week 5
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
StranglersRailway Guard A77View
Leg of MuttonWallys410View
ClangersHigh Flyers104View
Epsom ConsEpsom Club68View
Dia Y Noche LoungeWESC95View
River ClubBlenheim Hopefuls113View

Week 6
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
Railway Guard AEpsom Cons104View
High FlyersBlenheim Hopefuls77View
WallysDia Y Noche Lounge86View
Epsom ClubClangers113View
River ClubLeg of Mutton86View

Week 7
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
ClangersRailway Guard A86View
Epsom ConsWESC311View
Dia Y Noche LoungeRiver Club95View
High FlyersEpsom Club68View
Blenheim HopefulsLeg of Mutton311View

Week 8
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
River ClubStranglers212View
Railway Guard AHigh Flyers77View
WallysEpsom Cons104View
Leg of MuttonDia Y Noche Lounge86View
Epsom ClubBlenheim Hopefuls104View

Week 9
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
StranglersLeg of Mutton86View
Epsom ClubRailway Guard A59View
High FlyersWESC410View
Epsom ConsRiver Club95View
Blenheim HopefulsDia Y Noche Lounge311View

Week 10
Home TeamAway TeamHome PtsAway Pts 
Dia Y Noche LoungeStranglers410View
Railway Guard ABlenheim Hopefuls113View
WallysHigh Flyers122View
WESCEpsom Club104View

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