Epsom and District Monday Darts League
Winter 2021/22 - Results and Statistics
  Week 7

Ricks Tumblers7502294069
Railway Guard A7601322759
Epsom Club7313182543
Dia Y Noche Lounge7016201636
River Club712492635
Week 7 Results
Dia Y Noche Lounge7V7River Club
Railway Guard A8V6Ricks Tumblers
Comrades6V8Epsom Club

180s: D.Horrocks (Wallys), P.Warnock (Cons), B.Oates (Cons)
HGO: D.Walsh (WESC) 103, T.Duffell (WESC) 72
3 Game Shots: B.Amos (WESC)

Tons   Game Shots   180s & HGOs 
A.Bridgman (Wallys)33  J.Watson (Wallys) J.Kavanagh (Stang.)11  M.Pounds (Cons) 180s 
W.Brill (R.T.)33  P.Cooper (R.T.) K.Cherrington (WESC)11  P.Cooper (R.T.) A.Barratt (WESC)1
D.White (Clang.)26  R.McClellan (Allsorts) W.Brill (R.T.)11  R.Forward (Com.) A.Bridgman (Wallys)1
A.Godfrey (D.Y.N.)21  T.Beck (Stang.) R.Olver (R.T.)10  R.Pearce (Clang.) A.Burrows (Wallys)1
G.Cook (Clang.)21  T.Gatford (R.G.) S.Jeffery (Com.)10  S.Brand (Allsorts) A.Childs (E.C.)1
S.Jeffery (Com.)20  W.Kelly (R.T.) A.Bridgman (Wallys) W.Kelly (R.T.) A.Farrington (Allsorts)1
R.Olver (R.T.)19  A.Burrows (Wallys) A.Parker (Stang.) C.Snook (R.G.) B.Oates (Cons)1
B.Amos (WESC)18  J.Slevin (Stang.) B.Amos (WESC) D.Amos (WESC) C.Keel (Com.)1
J.Kavanagh (Stang.)17  K.Geraghty (Stang.) G.Cook (Clang.) D.Downs (WESC) D.Horrocks (Wallys)1
S.Spelling (Stang.)17  M.Cousins (D.Y.N.) M.Griffiths (R.G.) Darren.Hawken (River) J.Slevin (Stang.)1
M.Griffiths (R.G.)15  R.Forward (Com.) S.Brill (R.T.) G.Fairclough (D.Y.N.) P.Warnock (Cons)1
A.Childs (E.C.)14  R.Toy (R.T.) S.Spelling (Stang.) J.Slevin (Stang.) W.Brill (R.T.)1
D.Cannon (E.C.)14  A.Barratt (WESC) A.Farrington (Allsorts) P.Killick (Stang.) W.Kelly (R.T.)1
D.Horrocks (Wallys)14  B.Poplett (Com.) A.Godfrey (D.Y.N.) R.Gibbons (Clang.)   
D.Mann (Wallys)14  B.Teague (R.T.) D.Walsh (WESC) R.Mackaskill (River)   
N.Webb-Jones (Com.)14  C.Cousins (D.Y.N.) E.Chennell (R.G.) T.Gatford (R.G.)   
J.Poplett (Com.)13  D.Wood (D.Y.N.) H.Ball (River) T.Stedman (Wallys)   
B.Stevens (R.G.)12  G.Bostock (E.C.) J.White (Com.) T.Vine (Wallys)   
G.Fairclough (D.Y.N.)12  G.Kempston (River) R.Bryan (Cons) A.Burrows (Wallys)   
J.Brill (R.T.)12  L.Allen (D.Y.N.) T.Beck (Stang.) B.Poplett (Com.)   
J.White (Com.)12  P. Huma (River) A.Childs (E.C.) B.Teague (R.T.)   
K.Cherrington (WESC)12  R.Park-Stone (Allsorts) B.Stevens (R.G.) C.Cousins (D.Y.N.)   
P.Carslake (Clang.)12  R.Pearce (Clang.) C.Chandler (R.G.) C.Frost (Allsorts) Highest Finishes 
T.Vine (Wallys)12  S.Brill (R.T.) C.Daniels (E.C.) D. Egan (E.C.) W.Brill (R.T.)160
D.Walsh (WESC)11  T.Stedman (Wallys) D.Horrocks (Wallys) G.Bostock (E.C.) M.Pounds (Cons)135
E.Chennell (R.G.)11  D.Amos (WESC) D.White (Clang.) G.Kempston (River) S.Brill (R.T.)108
G.Smith (R.T.)11  D.Godfrey (R.G.) G.Smith (R.T.) H.McKillop (WESC) D.Horrocks (Wallys)104
I.Huckle (Stang.)11  G.Dodd (Allsorts) J.Brill (R.T.) J.Poplett (Com.) D.Walsh (WESC)103
A.Farrington (Allsorts)10  J.Whitthread (Clang.) K.Chandler (R.G.) R.Ingram (E.C.) A.Farrington (Allsorts)100
A.Parker (Stang.)10  M.Finn (E.C.) K.Geraghty (Stang.) R.Park-Stone (Allsorts) R.Bryan (Cons)98
C.Daniels (E.C.)10  R.Farmer (River) K.Rochester (Wallys) T.Duffell (WESC) S.Brand (Allsorts)96
K.Rochester (Wallys)10  W.Marsh (R.G.) M.Cousins (D.Y.N.) A.Egg (River) R.McClellan (Allsorts)95
R.Bryan (Cons)10  A.Pilbeam (Com.) N.Manning (Clang.) B.Oates (Cons) A.Bridgman (Wallys)92
S.Brand (Allsorts)10  D.Downs (WESC) N.Webb-Jones (Com.) D.Wood (D.Y.N.) R.Olver (R.T.)92
S.Lester (Cons)10  Darren.Hawken (River) P.Carslake (Clang.) I.Huckle (Stang.) M.Griffiths (R.G.)86
C.Chandler (R.G.) H.Ball (River) R.McClellan (Allsorts) J.Whitthread (Clang.) K.Meghani (Stang.)79
K.Chandler (R.G.) J.Kaye (Allsorts) R.Toy (R.T.) K.Meghani (Stang.) S.Brand (Allsorts)74
M.Harding (Clang.) K.Munro (Cons) S.Lester (Cons) K.Munro (Cons) B.Teague (R.T.)72
N.Manning (Clang.) P.Killick (Stang.) W.Marsh (R.G.) M.Byford (D.Y.N.) T.Duffell (WESC)72
P.Warnock (Cons) R.Ingram (E.C.) D.Cannon (E.C.) P. Huma (River) M.Pounds (Cons)70
A.Green (WESC) A.Egg (River) D.Mann (Wallys) P.Warnock (Cons)   
Dean.Hawken (River) C.Snook (R.G.) G.Dodd (Allsorts) R.Farmer (River)   
H.McKillop (WESC) D.Moyle (Wallys) M.Finn (E.C.) A.Barratt (WESC)   
J.Cox (D.Y.N.) K.Hawkins (Clang.) M.Harding (Clang.) A.Green (WESC)   

Full lists of results and statistics can be found at www.epsomdarts.org